Hi I’m Alley! In this blog, or journal, you’ll find the adventures and thoughts of myself and the most amazing man in my life, Kyle! I can’t wait for you to get to know each of us!

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Now a little background:

I’m so excited about my yoga journey that I wanted to share it with everyone! I’ve had such a love hate relationship with my body and Yoga and Meditation has really helped me come out of that. I started yoga when I was 15 years old, so at this point that’s about 10 years ago…. I HATED it. I was NOT the skinny 15 year old that still had a bunch of flexibility. I was awkwardly shaped and felt so fat in comparison to every other person there. You know that feeling when your boobs squish your throat in Plow pose? Ya… That was my experience. I tried to continue it because I loved the idea of yoga and being in better shape because of it but it just wasn’t a fit for me at the time. Years passed and I would off and on hate it and love it.

Finally, 2 years ago, after a horrible marriage ending in divorce, anorexia through high school, and a crazy weight lifting stage, I had found peace with yoga. It wasn’t until I was accepting of the fact that I was not like every other person in the room, that I was not your average yogi that I was able to love it.

Having expanded my practice to something that is daily and constant in my life I am pursuing my Yoga Teacher Training and am super excited to share my life through this with everyone. I finally feel like I am at a point where I want to share the joy, love and peace that I have found through yoga and meditation with everyone else. I like to see immediate results and have a hard time when things don’t come more naturally to me. I want to be able to press into a handstand, but I recognize that this is something that will take me a ton of time. The Yoga world is filled with super thin, gracious superheroes… But why do I not see yogis that look like me? Why is everyone gorgeous and tiny and super flexible? One day, I might get there but the point of all of this is to show others and myself that I don’t have to be that way now or ever. I can be me and hopefully that inspires others to do the same.

Now who takes all these instagram photos and films all of the videos? That’s where Kyle comes into this. Not only does he let me know when I’m not nailing a pose, he has the photographic evidence to show me how to fix it. He’s the logical part of our duo and keeps me grounded. His perspective is an interesting one and maybe one day you’ll hear from him too!


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