Dear Santa,

Every year we put together a list of what we want for Christmas.

So many presents bought, so much money spent. So much time and energy and love poured into these objects that most of the time don’t make it to see the next Christmas. In a lot of ways we forget what Christmas is all about. Even if you’re not looking at it from a religious standpoint, Christmas shouldn’t be about gifts for yourself. It should be about giving to others. Donating your time, money, food, clothing. It all has a massive impact! I like to give. I mean, I love being surprised as well, but I LOVE shopping for others and finding amazing gifts that I know they’ll appreciate. But we still spend so much money during Christmas that we often lose sight of our budgets, of that true meaning, and of being thoughtful. We are so focused on making sure we buy exactly what our friends, family, and significant other wants.

On average, people spent $929 in the 2016 season!

That’s a lot of money! For us, that’s a grand closer to having the down payment for a house, or having a credit card paid off. For others that is more money than they’ve seen in a long time. It’s hard because we’re raised to spend a lot of money at Christmas time right? When I was little my parents always bought so many presents for us. Looking back now, way too many. But they tried to make our holidays happy and so we were brought up expecting a lot of presents and giving a lot of presents. It didn’t cross my mind that a lot of kids had literally one present, if they were lucky. It wasn’t until I had become an adult that I realized how lucky we were.

But what can we do now? How can I make a difference?

I love this time of year because for the most part everyone is in a pretty good mood. But it’s hard too. You find scrooges that aren’t very excited, and you find the santas that are more than willing to give you the clothes off their back. I think one of the most important things to remember this year is to be compassionate and widen that tunnel vision. We forget that there are others less fortunate, so it’s important to remember them as well. I work at an amazing company that does a lot of volunteer work and through them I buy a lot of presents for kids that probably wouldn’t normally get any at all. We also work with nursing homes and victims of human trafficking. It’s an amazing feeling to get pictures back from the parents of these kids showing how excited their child was over the two toys you bought. It’s also important to remember that sometimes handmade gifts really are the most amazing presents! I do a lot with DoTerra Oils and 80% of my presents are recipes that I’ve put together using the oils. I’m so excited for my friends and family to open them because I spent time, effort and love into making them and they’ll help them feel better too!

Don’t lose sight of what’s important!

It’s supposed to be about spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. Don’t let the craziness of holiday shopping take over. At the end of our years we won’t remember all the things we got for Christmas, but we will remember the people we spent them with.


Lots of Love,



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