Mountain Yoga

I’ve been a little absent as I’ve been working through school and what not. But I wanted to come back to this because yoga is a really important part of my life. In many ways it’s what keeps me sane and happy. Especially when I am able to meditate or yoga outside. Even Snoga is a thing for me lately!


It’ simple: YOGA IN THE SNOW!!! Is it cold? Oh yes. Personally i find it invigorating. It’s refreshing and although I can’t stand it for longer than a few minutes, it kind of wakes you up. Both your brain and your body. You see, doing yoga outside for me is the equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee. A much needed ritual. A way to wake up and begin your day. More than that it’s a way to connect with the earth and nature around me. It’s a way to thank my body and to thank every other supporting element.

I feel connected when I am surrounded by nature and yet I notice myself and others attend more classes inside rather than outdoors. How can this be when hearing the songs of birds and the rush of wind be right outside? How can this be when I am blessed to have the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains right outside my back door?

I believe it stems from the need for comfort, for convenience. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city you actually have to drive a little and walk a little. Isn’t that better for your overall health anyway?

For a moment let’s think of a world where everyone isn’t so lazy. Where people go out of their way to help others and do good. Where everything isn’t about convenience. I totally understand the amazingness of being able to have your groceries delivered to your door. I really do. But that would make me a hermit and eventually I would be so fat that it would be like a human in Wall-E escaped the big screen and took over.

We get so busy in this day in age. We’re constantly checking our cell phones, our email, if your crush freakin’ text you back yet, that we forget. We forget what life should be about. We forget to think about our soul’s happiness.

What does your soul need to be happy?

For me, it’s the feeling of grass underneath my feet. The song of the birds as they dance above my head and slight breeze kissing my skin. For me, it’s focusing on the moment and being present in the moment.


I challenge you to join me in taking your practice or your 5 minute meditation outside at least ONE DAY A WEEK! That’s all I ask. Connect with your soul for just that one day. I promise you’ll be back for more! If you need some help and inspiration along the way, check out my YouTube for some quick meditation videos. Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know how it’s going. It is my soul’s happiness that I fear losing. So I will do what I can to protect it. Even when the world is spiraling with so many things to do. The world can spare a moment.

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