Journey to…

It always starts the same… My Journey to…

What happens if you don’t reach your end point? What happens when your “journey” ventures into another one?

Aren’t we always on a journey? I don’t think there’s been one time in my life where my “journey” has ended. Sure, my interests might have changed some so my journey to owning an entire village just for my bratz dolls (didn’t every girl want that?) may have changed to something else, like owning my own car. But I don’t feel like that road ended. I think the journey just morphed into something different.

It’s basically like my journey to Yoga has led to my journey to Handstands…

I didn’t expect to be on this journey but it’s changed into that. I think our journeys are where are passions are. When you find your passion you find the next chapter of your journey. Ultimately, my journey to yoga, which lead to my journey to handstands will lead to my journey to yoga teacher training. It’s all a goal right? It’s all something we set up and want to have happen. It’s our dreams coming true, unfolding in front of us. If we are passionate enough about what we want then we are presented with that journey to take. That road to go down.

But back on target… HANDSTANDS!

I have seen some beautiful, strong, skinny, guys and gals doing some AMAZING handstands and I thought “nah, I could never”. But I sell myself short. On a lot of things. I CAN do them, if I just practice. And last night I had a breakthrough!

Ok… ok… so it’s not like I’m some handstand goddess or anything to that nature but I can FINALLY HOLD IT FOR A SECOND!

I’m not kidding! If you’ve ever taken the time to PRACTICE handstands (unless you’re just naturally talented) that second or two of “air time” is the most amazing thing in the world! It means you’re getting there. It means you’re going in the right direction. It means that all the time with your best buddy, the wall over there, is actually paying off.

I used to do gymnastics, so handstands used to be sooooo easy for me! 15 years later, not so much! That natural flexibility, and strength that I had at 10 is not really there anymore and I had let my body get soft and… let’s just say, not as flexible. But here we are, and since I’m talking about being passionate, this is where you’ll really need it.

Like in the photo above you can start by making an L against the wall. Now this is a bit of an edited version as I was working on one arm stands and just being silly. The “Love of the Wall” as I like to call them help to start to build that shoulder strength that I desperately needed.

After popping up there in an L you can slowly start to lift your leading leg over your head so that part of your body is straight. You may start feeling a bit weightless – this is good! It means you’re aligning your body correctly.

Then, from a standing position, you can move towards facing the wall and kicking up against it. Here’s where I’m going to differ from some popular opinions. A lot of yoga teachers will say that you need to keep your hands on the ground and practice kicking up from there. It builds the strength you need to hold it. I don’t disagree about the strength part. But I had a really hard time with this. I was trained to kick up into it like a gymnast and with that being my background I found it way easier to get “floating” when I was able to give myself just a bit more momentum. Everyone’s different and we all are going to learn different techniques and ways of doing things. As long as you are safe, smart, and know what to do then how you get to your end point is up to you.

Which is about where I’m at now. I still practice the “Love of the Wall” and I still use my “best friend” the majority of the time since I’m only “floating” for a mere second or two. But the joy that I felt last night when I “floated”… Oh man.. It was amazing! And that will be my inspiration to keep working on it. One day maybe I’ll be able to press into one. But not everything is about slowly working your way towards something. Sometimes I think you have to take that chance and try something brave. Be safe. But try. Without taking that leap I don’t think I would have found my passion for handstands. It would have been something I would have wanted to do but was too scared to. Or had tried with my hands on the floor and given up.

In this world where everyone is afraid to be brave, afraid to try new things and afraid to step out of the “norm” – I urge you to do just that. You might find your next big passion. The next chapter of your Journey.




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